Generally, owners provide their own blankets, muzzles, fly masks, fly spray, lead ropes, heated water buckets, stall fans, etc. Blankets are usually put on and left on by the Owners, and the same goes for fly masks, muzzles and other items. However, Green Meadows staff will provide extra support as outlined below, in some cases for an additional charge.

  • Feed:
    • Hay: Green Meadows grows and manages it’s own hay on the property. It is a healthy mix of grass and alfalfa and is stored using safe practices in our storage facilities. You may occasionally see hay trucks stored in the Small Arena during haying periods.
    • Grain: Green Meadows provides grain at no additional charge. If you would prefer your horse to have special grain, you are able to provide that at your own cost. Grain is to be stored in the grain room of your barn (if you are rough board, in the barn where your tack stall is located). Please be sure to make notes of these requirements on your Info Sheet and to discuss this with Dave and/or Wayde. Please clearly mark your grain with a Sharpie.
  • Stays in the Medical Paddocks: No Charge but only with Dave Judd’s permission.