BOARDERS: If you need to speak to Dave regarding your horse, damage to the property or about boarding your horse, please contact him at his cell number:  

  • If you need to make a temporary change to your horse’s turnout, feed or grain, please simply note it on the White Board in your barn.
  • If an emergency, please call Wayde Judd at 608 . 235 . 3357 and/or post a note on the Green Meadows Boarders Facebook page asking another boarder to help you out. They will often do so. 

VISITORS:  If you need information regarding upcoming events including temporary boarding and/or parking, please contact Sue Racine at 608 . 347. 0540

If you are interested in boarding your horse at Green Meadows Stables or have a question about visiting, please contact Sue Racine at 608 . 347. 0540 or Dave Judd at 608 . 235 . 4844.