Green Meadows frequently hosts equine experts, clinics and shows–the organizer is usually a Green Meadows boarder.
Boarders: to schedule a clinic at the barn, please first check the Arena Schedule to make sure no other events are being held that weekend (as well as this page), then let Dave know, email information about the event to Lisa Schuetz to post here and then post on the Facebook page for boarders. All arrangements will be made by the boarder hosting the event with the clinician. Please check with Dave on parking, temporary boarding of outside horses, facilities preparation, etc.

  • French osteopath, Camille Cargol will be taking appointments at Green Meadows in Mid November, 2019. What is osteopathy, you may ask? Although it is a well-established branch of human medicine in the world including in the US, veterinary osteopathy is extremely common in Europe, Canada, but not in the US. Questions? Contact boarder Claudette Mo. $100 per session.

Other Groups

  • Pony Club: Green Meadows occasionally hosts a Pony Club. For more information about Pony Club, please contact boarder Marlene Nauta.
  • Jumping Night: During the winter months, boarders who enjoy jumping or working with ground poles will organize a weekly night to do these activities as a group. In general, you’ll find discussions about these arrangements on the Facebook page for boarders.