New Boarder Info

Before Arriving

New horses entering Green Meadows for any reason including schooling, lessons, lay-overs and boarding must meet the current requirements:

  • Current Coggins dated within 1 year
  • Flu/Rhino Vaccine less than 90 days, but 14 days after administered
  • Current Rabies Vaccination
  • Health Certificate within 2 weeks (Out of state horses only)

Day One

  1. Pasture: We will keep your horse quarantined for at least seven (7) days so we can observe his or her behavior and determine the best pasture for them. They most often will stay in either a Paddock (P) or in a condo stall if they need the shelter. See Pasture Map.
  2. Stall: If you are stalling your horse, Dave will also assign you a stall and pasture. Dave will show you your tack locker, which you can move into it any time. See Barn Map.
  3. Info: Please fill a Horse/Owner Identity page (Downloadable below) and print out two copies. Put one on your stall door (or in the rough board or condo books) and the other in the Master Book. All books (binders) are in the Main Barn Tack room.
  4. Grain: Put any grain you will be using in the grain area of your barn. It must be clearly marked with your horse’s name and a portion-size scoop with it.
  5. Sign a Boarding Agreement before leaving the property and give it to Dave.

Helpful Info

  • Using arenas: Use an arena any time it’s not pre-scheduled for a clinic or event. If someone is having a lesson, please respect their needs as they are paying for the instructor’s time. You can use the arena during a lesson, but stay left shoulder to left shoulder when passing or, if going faster, stay on the inside track.
  • Trails: Use this trail map to better understand permitted paths. Some of the footing is a bit rocky. There are mini horses and other horse pastures on the trail as well as planted crops. We recommend finding someone who knows the trails to take your first couple rides with as there are many different trails and it is easy to get disoriented.
  • Generally, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, there are pre-scheduled lessons in the large arena starting quite early. In winter months, open cavaletti lessons may be available on a weekday evening. Check the barn calendar on the Events page.
  • Ask questions of your barn mates as almost anyone who has been there for several months has learned the ropes.
  • Join the Facebook page for boarders only. There you can ask questions, get updates on what’s happening in the barn that day, weather conditions, turnout activity, etc.

For more information and Safety and Rule guidelines, please see the Boarders page.